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Let’s double your income without the stress and overwhelm.

What if I told you this reality is closer than you think?

This is a love note to all of the wildly ambitious women in business out there hustling. Wanting more but not knowing how they can do more. 

Doubling, even tripling your current income is only the beginning of the empire you're building. But this idea that it will require more time (even though you're already tapped out) and more stress feels like you'd rather hide on the couch eating icecream and binge-watching Netflix than throw more work on your already full plate. 

I'll let you in on a little secret... 


Getting there will require more of you, but not the "more" that you're thinking.


That innocent little voice that says, just one more thing. That time you said Yes when really your brain was screaming NOOOO. Spending an embarrassingly long time avoiding a task (or attempting to do it yourself) when an expert would have had it done in 5 minutes. Or how about that time you said there were no good people to hire, they all want more hours and too much money. I see you!


This is not the kind of thinking that will create your empire.  

Shifting these habits, seeing yourself as THE expert, understanding why your brain feels like a hamster forever running on that damn wheel, and knowing how to calm your brain, this is the work. THIS is the game changer.

Hi, my name is Carina Groombridge and for the past 5 years I've been helping ambitious women in business blow their own damn minds with the success they can create.  Whether that is realizing a 10-year dream to start a business, tripling your business income and saying goodbye to corporate for good, or finally crossing the 6-figure mark in business working LESS. This isn't just reserved for the select few, my clients achieved these results because we pin-pointed exactly what was standing in their way, we map out a plan to allow them to achieve their goals and they are supported every step of the way. 

You are the only thing standing between you and your million-dollar empire. Figuring out exactly what needs to shift to get you faster is my specialty. Let's talk about getting you the support you need to thrive. 

When we started working together I had just reached 30k$ in business and was working a full time job. Now, I’ve left corporate and am full time in photography. I have 2.5X my business income and I’m on track to hitting 6 figures this year! I know that I can have stability, even though it's not like a fixed paycheck to the penny every two weeks. 


I feel like I have room to breathe and I’m happy and a lot more relaxed than when I was balancing both, a lot of family time which I did not have before. I’m also starting to set my personal events before my work events which is so big. 


I’m proactive now. This work is like mental gymnastics, even when it’s not our call I’ll be sitting in the car analyzing because now that way of thinking is implanted in my brain. Before working together I would finish photography sessions burnt out and scattered. It used to be cool for me to do 500 sessions and now the idea gives me cold sweats. 


I stopped people pleasing when it comes to pricing. I’m not comparing myself to others which is huge. I'm working more efficiently and outsourcing. I now have the confidence to turn down requests if I don’t love that job because I know more is coming. I’m making more and working with less clients.  I now have time to work on special projects that I’ve had on my mind for years.


Even my friends have noticed how calm I am now. This work has impacted everything which I didn't expect when we started. I absolutely recommend working with Carina, If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

- Catherine Ledoux

Alexa Young, CA

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