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That dream business of yours is possible FOR YOU 

and YOU are capable of creating it.

"Carina has been instrumental in my journey! Sometimes you need someone to give you a push, sometimes you need a different view of a situation to help you jump that hurdle. Carina is that person! She’s dedicated, has an incredible mind! She’s helped me take my first steps and opened up a world of possibilities! Thanks Carina! Seriously, if you haven’t booked a strategy session or coaching package with her, you are missing out!"

—  Sam Roberts, Sam Sews It

I know that big goal of yours can feel

really far away

I’m guessing some of these might sound familiar to you... 


  • Taking on so much of the mental load for your family, your household ... life in general and not knowing how to manage the mental load of business too. 

  • You’ve tried getting support before but nothing has worked!  Deep down you’re afraid that could mean this dream just isn’t meant to be for you. 

  • Not knowing where your next client is coming from and living in fear that you won't be able to hit your monthly goals to support your family. 

  • Feeling like a hamster on a wheel and not being able to break free from working in your business long enough to actually grow your business. 

  • It hasn't worked before so why will it be different now? If you make the investment what happens if you don't make your money back? You can't afford to give up that money. 

I’ve heard it all before from potential clients (and from myself).  It’s scary to make that big leap in yourself but I know that investing in yourself is ALWAYS your best investment.

Because life can look like this ... 


  • Having boundaries in place that give you the work/life balance you actually want. 

  • Making the income to support your family ... not just the essentials but giving your family all the extra things in life that you want them to have. 

  • Loving Mondays again.

  • Confident in how to bring on new clients and create a waitlist of eager customers. 

  • Walking away from the “stable” corporate job to your business feeling secure in your ability to create results (and income)

  • Waking up knowing what to do in your business and what key things will propel you forward. 

  • Being able to put business work aside to spend focused time with family. 

  • Ditching mom guilt for good.

  • Being head over heels in love with your business, again.

It's time to figure out what strategy works best for you and how you want to run your business. There is no one size fits all here. 

It’s time to put the structure in place and the mindset to be able to scale your business as high as you want it to go. 

I work with my clients one on one to get them the results they are after. Curious to see if this is the best next step for you? Let's connect. 

Let's get started creating your DREAM business (and life)

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