MomBoss Life is a Facebook live series that focuses on how moms are able to “do it all” - raise a family - build a business - not completely lose their sh*t … [Spoiler alert: We don’t actually do it all… but that doesn't mean you can't have it all].


I am so excited to share this series with you because in order to be successful in business you need to overcome so many mental hurdles.  We dive into what it takes to make it all work and how these mamas manage.  They share their successes, their struggles and how they can help YOU with their genius zone.  Success leaves clues and as you'll see from this series these mamas all share some common traits [like a relentless drive to succeed].  The courage to put yourself out there on social media for everyone to see, the struggle with imposter syndrome or never feeling good enough. These issues don't just stop when you reach your first 5K$ or your first 50K$ they are struggles that we all face no matter how high you go. 

My hope and intent for this series is that you see that all these successful mamas are not so different from you, we all share similar struggles but it is how we faced our fears that will set you apart.  You can get there too, you have the minimum requirement, you are capable and the first step to success is knowing this right down to your core. 


From business startups to 6 figure earners this series will show you what it takes to run a business and mom at the same time. 


Come join the conversation over on my Facebook page.


The calendar is booked for the first half of 2019 but if you're interested in being a guest then you can fill in an application and cross your fingers. 


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